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Harbor Breeze Common Problems (FAQs)

Q - How can I buy a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan at the lowest price possible?
A - Waiting for a sale always works, but if you are looking for a 10% Off Coupon Code find the link at the bottom of this page for Coupon Codes and Discounts

Q – What is the Lowe’s Customer Service phone number for Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan questions?
A – 1.800.555.1212

Q- Are there any websites that compare ceiling fans?
A- Yes, there are a couple of very good sites out there. Simply do a search for "ceiling fan reviews" and you should find what you are looking for.

Q – Is the Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan supposed to bounce around when it is turned on?
A – No, however a slight bounce or wobble is commonly seen with ceiling fans. Simply snug up all the screws you can see and this should remedy the problem.

Q – What size ceiling fan do I need for my house?
A – While this chart doesn't hold true for every room, it is a good place to start:

10 ft x 10 ft room = Fans from 36″ - 48″ 12 ft x 12 ft room = Fans from 49″ - 55″ 14 ft x 14 ft room = Fans from 56″ - 60′ 16 ft x 16 ft room = Fans from 72′ and larger

Q – What length downrod should I buy for my ceiling fan?
A – The general rule of what length downrod to purchase is as follows: 9 ft ceiling = 12″ downrod, 10 ft ceiling = 18″ downrod, 11 ft ceiling = 24″ downrod, 12 ft ceiling = 36″ downrod, 13 ft ceiling = 48″ downrod, 14 ft ceiling = 60″ downrod, 15 ft ceiling = 72″ downrod.

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