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Harbor Breeze Fans

If you want to save on your air conditioning bill in these tough economic times you should think about buying a fan. There are a few well-known manufacturers, but Harbor Breeze fans have the best value for your money. These fans are sold in Lowe stores, as the manufacturer is Litex.

There is a wide variety of choice if you want to buy a Harbor Breeze fan: you can have one as cheap as $24.98, but if you want something more exclusive, you can have that too. There is no quality difference between the cheap and more expensive Harbor Breeze fans. It doesn’t matter what model you buy, you will get the best value for your money, because all fans have been built using the same high standards. Some of these fans also come with over-head circulation, and there are features available such as remote control or Energy Star labeling.

Because they have good-quality motors with life-time warranty, Harbor Breeze fans reduce your energy bill expenses: they can save you hundreds of dollars over the life time of a fan. These fans also save money by taking the place of an air conditioner. If you are looking to simply save money on you fan try using some ceiling fan savings tips .

You must know that unlike air conditioners, fans do not lower a room’s temperature or humidity. Fans make the sensation of coolness by allowing more efficient airflow in closed spaces. Fans cool you, not the room, so if you need to reduce room temperature, you still need an air conditioner. In this case you still can save a few dollars by turning down the air conditioner, and letting the fan do the rest of the work.

Before you decide which Harbor Breeze fan model you buy, you should check out the size of the rooms: in smaller rooms you may choose a 42 inch fan, for medium to large rooms the 52 inch fans are recommended. You should look at the décor also: you don’t want to buy a Harbor Breeze fan with modern design, when you have traditional furniture.

If you plan to buy a fan that has a light fixture, you should check out how near the wiring is, to ease the job of the electrician who comes to hook up the fan. You should be looking at other lights in the room also: a well-lit room is not necessarily the one with the most (or most powerful) lights.

Fan tests showed that there is a connection between airflow and blade shape. You should check the cubic feet per minute (cfm) numbers on the box to make an idea on how well the fan moves the air. The larger the cfm is, the more air movement the fan creates. Tests also showed that small differences in cfm-numbers can not be noticed by users: air movement at 5,000 to 5,600 cfm seems pretty much the same. You should know that fans with the larger cfm-rate make the more wind noise.

There is also the issue of lights, as the bulbs affect the energy usage of fans. Models with Energy Star qualification use compact fluorescent lights, but other models may need special, halogen, or standard bulbs. These bulbs can double or even triple the energy usage of the fan.

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